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Executive level engagement and collaboration with multi-lateral agencies - ILO, OECD, World Bank, International Social Security Association (ISSA), European Social Network (ESN), European Institute for Social Security (EISS), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and the Interamerican Conference on Social Security (CISS).
Brian Lee Archer


EACON, the European Affairs Consulting Group
with offices in Berlin and Brussels,
is a public affairs & government relations consultancy specialising in European Affairs.
Since its foundation in 2003, EACON helps companies, associations, NGOs and public sector bodies to understand political developments and represent their interests in legislative processes.
We hold invaluable experience in dealing with European and national parliaments, authorities and administrations. This broad experience has been used successfully for the benefit of our clients over the years.
EACON’s team of experts provides solutions for complex issues around European Union policies.
Our clients come from both inside and outside Europe and represent a broad range of sectors.


EW-Link Holding is a niche service provider with subsidiaries in China, India and Thailand, helping corporations in building global strategies, focusing on operational excellence, implementing financial control as well as managing processes, projects and interim management.
It also provides professional sourcing management for global sourcing strategies and assists in trading between Asia and Europe through its solid qualified network of suppliers.
It main experience lies within the packaging, automotive, electronics and medical equipment industries.


Eco Bio Croatia d.o.o. Zagreb is a production and distribution company dealing with an innovative, EU patented biopolymer that is suitable as an environment friendly, non toxic alternative to flexible, usually single-use plastics. This biopolymer is starch based and biodissolvable. In hot water it fully dissolves within less than i minute, in cold water and in/on the ground, in the period from 25 days to 6 months, leaving no nano particles that enter the ground, waters and food chain. Bioplastic converters can, with no modification nor investment, start using our granulates and offer their clients far healthier and safer products. Besides this B2B sales model, we also have B2C, offering foils and bags to companies from various business sectors such as general packaging, retail, medicine, pharmacy, cosmetics, agriculture, etc.  Other final products that can be made from our material include cups, plates, protective gloves, etc. Anything currently made from thin plastics, can be made from our material. We have a R&D facility, Eko Bio Invest d.o.o Belgrade, Serbia, working closely with IMGGE institute from Belgrade. Regulatory, quality assurance and awareness raising support is provided by WWF Adria, in Adriatic region.


Meedio is a secure, customisable and easy-to-use video consultation and messaging service that complies with the strictest data protection and information security regulations. Meedio can be used as a stand-alone solution or can be embedded into already existing software services or webpages adding additional value to the workflows of the organisation. Meedio is perfectly suited for communicating sensitive information internally in an organisation or with external stakeholders, that expect absolute confidentiality. Further more, Meedio is easy to customise to handle specific use cases, e.g. queueing, integration to documentation solutions, etc.
Epital Health solutions and services enable Telehealth treatment of chronic patients, using AI-based predictive health to improve chronic patient interventions and treatment,
with a special focus on chronic COPD and heart patients.
Epital Health is a unique technology based approach to pro-active treatment of chronic patients in their own home which has been created through more than a decade of research

with University of Copenhagen and international universities.
Chronic patients in Denmark have since 2014 been able to benefit from the solution and independent studies prove significant cost reductions and staff reductions due to higher patient health literacy, empowerment and compliance. Studies also prove that patients significantly increase their quality of life and that
they can life longer and more independent of their chronic disease.


Common Sense is an internationally active B2B agency, which specializes in marketing strategy development, consulting, communication concepts, and their full-service realization/implementation. Agenda-setting and live communication - from conferences and roadshows to roundtables and corporate events (onsite, hybrid, and online) - as well as business development and alliance marketing with special focus on the healthcare and IT industry complement our core competencies and main fields of activity.
We support companies in developing go-to-market and transformation strategies and execution.neoqua is a specialist advisory firm focused on sourcing Healthcare Technology investments for institutional and private clients globallyand run, develop and scale them sustainablyneoqua is devoted to providing unmatched services to our clients, based on high quality, focused industry expertise and executive experience
We assure your corporate success. Our excellent team consists of experienced management consultants as well as IT experts who have proven their excellent competences in numerous projects. Especially in healthcare, we have successfully supported our clients for more than 30 years. Consider us as a part of your team.
We don't just meet legal standards - we protect your business.With our solutions and services, our main goal is to see data protection as an important business objective rather than a necessary evil. A well-founded data protection strategy creates new perspectives and prevents unpleasant surprises. We work together with our clients to decide what is sensible and what is not necessary - modular, transparent and efficient.
We are one of the leading recruitment consultancies in London UK for multinational companies and offer Executive Search, Headhunting & Recruitment of executives and specialists.
With over 25 years of experience, our staff combines an excellent understanding of internationally successful companies in the European market.
We are WTS, a global full-service provider of tax advisory as well as financial & deal advisory.
With more than 1,500 experts in Germany and being one of the most progressive digital units worldwide, we develop innovative and integrated solutions to support digital transformation and to safely navigate tax and finance functions through the increasing regulatory challenges.
We deliberately do not offer annual audits and are therefore, an independent and long term partner.
The purpose of this online platform docopulco is to provide the largest overview in the market of specialised offers in the healthcare sector, without competitive pressure. Docopulco helps to connect doctors with specialized healthcare networks, service providers and products. This platform supports physicians on improving joy and success. Docopulco offers a market place where physicians and decision makers in healthcare will find (the vision) everything they need for their professional success, personal development, as well as to provide the best possible patient care and quality. For dealing with current global challenges in healthcare. To learn, grow, developing their clinical department and their teams, finding solutions, applying digital health and innovations in the healthcare sector. docopulco helps to make physician’s life easier, and to keep them fit for the future.
PLANET AI is a research-driven company dedicated to developing software products with human-inspired cognitive capabilities for information processing and understanding.
By utilizing proprietary deep learning and artificial intelligence technology, PLANET AI empowers customers to unlock information trapped in unstructured documents, seize digitization opportunities, and eliminate manual effort for data capture. Intelligent Document Analysis software suite offers comprehensive capabilities for customers with the common desire for short time-to-value automation and high-quality data capture, extraction, and understanding.
PLANET AI serves a variety of customers that include Fortune 500 companies, scanning service providers, as well as software vendors in business process automation and content management. Since its beginnings in 1992, PLANET AI has been dedicated to advancing neural network technologies and has established itself as a global technology leader in cognitive computing.
Move to the cloud with confidence and ease. Enclaive enables your applications to run confidential and run time encrypted with practically no change. Supported on the major clouds like Azure and Google, as well as on many local clouds around the planet. As a confidential compute technology company we provide the tools, the guidance and the platform to ensure applications and data stay encrypted when in use thus ensuring compliance with all major data protection regulation and significantly reducing the attack surface of your digital estate.
In 2009, MIG launched an innovative thin-layer insulation coating system especially designed to improve energy efficiency and living comfort of buildings. Ever since then, efforts have been made to continuously improve the product features. MIG has delivered over 1000 coating projects worldwide serving well-known customers like Siemens, a famous bakery chain in Germany, cold store operators in Spain and the Middle East as well as scores of healthcare facilities across Europe.
We help our clients update their spaces to maximise sustainability and energy performance, which is also beneficial to environmental and human health. For example, our thin-layer insulation achieves excellent results in spaces where higher standards of hygiene are required.
As coated surfaces do not provide a breeding ground for pathogens such as bacteria and viruses, risk of infection in medical settings is significantly reduced (up to 99.99%).
We create advantages with passion for packaging solutions and automation
Our mission is to be your full-service partner for your container management. We offer our customers: Worry-free takeover of complex and opaque clearing processes of their container/load carrier accounts and pooling partners.
Professional and fast procurement of reusable load carriers according to their needs.
Sustainable cleaning of reusable load carriers with state-of-the-art cleaning facilities.
Forward-thinking development and production of customized reusable load carriers with expertise.


Medici LT helps innovators to speed up the process of bringing medical solutions and technologies into life and provides qualified assistance in the field of life sciences and healthcare system management.
The areas of our expertise are:
R&D in biomedical field –
planning and coordination of research and development activities, health technology assessment, scientific and commercial researches, trials and tests for various medical applications and products for the purpose of validation and certification.
Healthcare technologies and solutions –
building business models, design and implementation of POC, full assistance in bringing innovative technologies to actual deployment in medical practice
Digitalization –
consultations and customization of digital health
Healthcare system management –
expert consultations and analysis in healthcare reforms and management for public and private sector.

New Zealand

Health System Transformation limited

Through my company Health System Transformation Limited, I provide strategic advice and implementation support to global health systems in their transformation journey.
My focus is helping global health systems develop and implement appropriate strategies and plan, especially during the difficult and challenging transition from current state to their future sustainable, accessible and affordable health system.
My advice is based on nearly 30 years of hands-on health sector experience:
1.Having held multiple and varied roles in financial, technology, hospital management, health system management, system performance, as well as development and implementation of national level strategies and policies,
2. Being part of numerous significant health reforms in the New Zealand health system, and driving some of these reforms in more recent times.
Chai Chuah
Health System Transformation Limited


Hellimed was established in 1993. We started as representative of a German manufacturer, a leader in cardiology equipment. Now is a family-owned company that distributes consumables, technology and digital solutions.
With more than 28 years of experience in medical market the company has a strategy to increase product range with new partnerships but also invest in healthcare production locally and internationally.
Now we work with more than 500 clients in Romania.
We provide our customers solutions with quality products and services.
We offer newest equipment and best technology from healthcare industry in order to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases.


Legal Studio, a Serbian law firm, handles legal matters for private and corporate clients, both local and international.We are able to work with clients who develop and bring to market new energy materials and technologies. We aim to address their needs at every stage: from the earliest discovery or concept through development, funding, partnerships, and larger operations. We focus on drafting and negotiation of commercial agreements in clean and renewable energy projects.
Kostroma d.o.o. provides consultancy for formulating and developing a comprehensive sustainable strategies by including a mix of social, environmental, and economic aspects into an existing business framework. We cover ESG, CSR and Business continuity planning and reporting. Our core business is focused on Civil Engineering and Water management, where we also provide Business Development and Representation services.


About Fuchsgroup Consulting AG
Information and communication technology, ICT, offers many opportunities for companies: from the design of process simplifications in service provision and service delivery to the realisation of new business models.Together with its customers, Fuchsgroup Consulting AG (FGC) develops ICT into a success factor - with a clear focus, the appropriate resources and personal commitment.
For more than 25 years, FGC has been successful in the fields of ICT education, ICT management consulting and support as well as solution engineering and digital health.
The more digital the world becomes, the more important the human factor becomes. It is the key to transforming today into the day after tomorrow. That's why we want to enable people to use the increasingly multifaceted technology of sensor technology efficiently and safely. We accompany organisations, teams and individuals on the path to a symbiosis of technology, workplace and people. In the process, we uncover potential. Develop them. And make companies and employees fit for the digital tomorrow.
Modern sensor technology and automated data analysis reduce the risk of falls and pressure sores.
This benefits the patients as well as the staff and the institution.
For vulnerable patients or those in need of care, falls or pressure ulcer incidents are drastic and stressful events. They affect the quality of life of those affected not only immediately, but often permanently. For the already heavily burdened health care system, this results in additional treatment and care costs, while the responsible hospital and its staff may be criticised for quality deficiencies.
QUMEA is transforming workflows for care givers by providing actionable insights while being unobtrusive and respecting privacy of individuals.
The QUMEA early warning systems in the patient room supports caregivers to be with their patients when they need help. By providing actionable insights at an early stage, it enables quality of care with early intervention and effective prevention.
The QUMEA solution for fall prevention and activity monitoring uses an unobtrusive sensor based on radar technology and artificial intelligence to inform caregivers when patients need help. It's fully compliant with data privacy requirements and has led to more than 63% reductions in falls, over 20% reductions in care effort and more than 74% reductions in patient sitters costs.
QUMEA is a Swiss digital health company and the solution is already being used in over 40 care institutions after 18 months of market entry and is expanding to further countries to increase the peace of mind for caregivers and patient safety.
Our Swiss based Company offers Advisory Services, Consulting, and Business Development in the International Arena.
Decades of collective Professional Experience in various Management Positions have taught us how to employ unconventional and creative approaches to act quickly, budget-friendly and successfully.
We call this Philosophy "smart2results". Actual and past Assignments include full operational responsibility for Market Entry Food/Health Germany, Conducting the Road to IPO for Secondhand Online Platform, Advisory Board Positions within US and German corps., Partnership & Investor engagements in premier Sustainability Network with strong UN and WEF exposure.


Astera has been founded by two who had long years of experience carried their experiences to the Human Resources field. Reflecting IT and the corporate knowledge created significant in the approach, the structure of the team and most importantly how Astera work since 2014.
This service has been expanded beyond Turkey since 2016 with several references worldwide. On today’s rapidly developing Technology world, it is becoming more and more challenging to reach a very limited number of equipped talents and to carry out recruitment processes with them.
As Astera team, our experience in leading global and local companies enables us to control different corporate cultures and business models. In this way, we bring you not only with technically correct talents, but also with employees who have a permanent work culture compatible with your organization and can create difference.
In this context, either independently or in addition to “Recruitment Function” we fulfill the “Selection and Placement” service on behalf of our customers up on demand.
We carry out the whole process from the stage of creating the job description of the position and determining the wage level, till the candidate’s offer and then starting the job, with care and confidentiality.